Agile bandwagon

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Agile bandwagon

There is no silver bullet in product/project management at all. So many people jumped in Agile bandwagon without realizing what they are deciding to do. People adopted some of the practices and fancy names just to be still attractive in the industry. They are doing the things because it was working for others. They have started to mimic that without changing themselves. Yes, some of you probably know that under the term cargo cult.

You may be shocked how many people are not aware what Agile means or what are the basics for the whole umberella of Agile methods like: Scrum, Kanban, XP Programming to name a few of them. From time to time I hear the question on various workshops/talks:

How many of you have read Agile Manifesto?

Most probably there will be a decent number of people who would raise their hands. The question how they understand them. I’m going to share my view of the agile manifesto.

After completing those couple of posts about manifesto itself I will jump into the thing that is not as popular. When you will follow up the previous question with another one:

Who have reached and read Principles behind the Agile Manifesto?

Unfortunately too few of them will keep their hands up. The same goes with any choice of the methodology that you can choose. People are picking the Scrum or Kanban without realizing what are constraints in which those methologies are working well. They are just choosing the bits that they like and drop some other without placing similar sanity checks proposed by original methodologies. There is subtle difference between Agile and Chaos but too often I hear that there is none.

Disclaimer: All the opinions are based on my experience and vast amount of reading books/blogs/case studies and you can disagree. I’m happy to chat about it and confront our opinions on the subject. You can easily reach me on social media. Stay tuned.

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