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Hello World

Why I’m writing blog

I’ve recently came across idea to start writing my thoughts for myself and as well for others. Sometimes I’m solving some challanges that I couldn’t find easy and clearly described solutions. In other ocassions I came across interesting video, book, blog post, library or technology that I feel that it’s worth sharing or at least dump my opinions about for my future self or for others. I’m not promising that I will be writing regularly but well I’m doing that for myself. If you would find this interesting, entertaining or just you will learn somethings that’s a bonus.

What can you find here

I will be definietly writing about:

  • Agile (as even the name of the blog suggest Zwinny means Agile in Polish)
  • Software Craftsmanship
  • Thoughts about various talks from conferences
  • Thoughts that I’ve had after reading books or blog posts
  • Findings about cool libraries and technologies

How it’s made

When I was thinking about making blog it was hard for me to decide what format it should be and what more important how to make it and learn new thing along the way. I was really happy that I can make my own blog using one of my favorite UI library: ReactJS. I’ve decided to use Gatsby as it was used as well for documenting React itself. I’ve spent last week to setup this blog just to checkout this technology and well I love it. Maybe some day I will reiterate over the code in my blog to make it even better than some hacky project.

About the author

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice aka Software Craftsmanship Journeyman with experience in various industries and roles. Enthusiast and evangelist of good engineering practices and Agile management. Board member of Fundacja Gra o Sens and expert at projects Szkoła Agile and Poradnia Lidera.